Sunset Islands

Sunset Islands


The sunset in Sunset Islands is more than just a name: the archipelago offers daily unrivaled vistas to its fortunate residents who enjoy a wonderful and fortunate lifestyle.

Sunset Islands real estate is comprised of high-end residences. Whether they are located right on the waterfront or further away from the bay, their architecture has a true Mediterranean flair, either classic or modern. Security guards patrol night and day on the four islands, ensuring privacy and safety. Optimum location, safety and quiet are the three assets of Sunset Islands. But let’s not forget the luxury residences that Miami’s elite seems to enjoy so much.

Prestigious residences

Residential only, the islands are not invaded by tourists, unlike the Venetians Islands or Palm and Hibiscus Islands. These man-made islands were designed with one and only goal in mind: satisfy the desires of a wealthy and global clientele. This motivated architects to design high-end villas and condominiums and real estate developers to bring in the best interior designers and decorators. As a result, every single piece of property features state-of-the-art amenities and the most exquisite furnishings in order to satisfy the villas’ future owners.

Our Sunset Islands luxury homes for sale

While Sunset Islands are not for tourists, that does not prevent our real estate consultants from browsing them on a regular basis to find the finest gems of Miami real estate. Our exceptional Sunset Islands houses for sale offer spectacular high-end finishes.

Whatever your desires and expectations of a home for sale on Sunset, our consultants will help you realize your project. Do not hesitate to get in touch with them.


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