Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour luxury real estate

The city of Bal Harbour was founded in 1946 with the original name of a Bay Harbour. After some years, the planning committee thought it was not really appropriate for a city that was on the beach; therefore the B was taken from the word bay, and the A and L were taken the represent the Atlantic. Bal Harbour was created. 

The village of Bal harbour sits on a total area of 0.6 miles. Located on the northern tip of Miami Beach, this area is reputed to be one of the most exclusive in Miami Dade. It’s surrounded by the finest hotels, a multitude of the finest dining options and one of the most luxurious malls of South Florida. (Bal Harbour Mall). 

Bal harbour remains a true paradise surrounded by pristine, white beaches, creating a very serene atmosphere. With the most high end real estate properties and very good walk ability, Bal Harbour offers the perfect, ultra-chic village lifestyle

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