Very appreciated by retirees and young parents, Aventura is a location designed to allow wealthy clients to enjoy all the amenities they desire within a short distance from their high-end residence. Residents also enjoy the proximity to Downtown Miami, located only 30 minutes away, a definite plus for those who want to take advantage of all the entertainment that Central Miami has to offer but also want to venture off the beaten path and off Aventura’s golf courses.

Situated on the outskirts of Miami, the city of Aventura, which was initially known as Turnberry, was created at the beginning of the 70s. Aventura is famous for, among other things, its mall, the fifth largest in the United States.

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Mediterranean-inspired architecture

While the neighborhood is rather residential, the architects in charge insisted on keeping the lush vegetation of the area so that the tropical landscape could bring that oh-so-desired feeling of well-being and peace. Besides upscale skyscrapers and luxuriant flora, residents can also appreciate a leisurely stroll around quiet streets full of Mediterranean-inspired villas.

Aventura’s assets

Aventura offers its residents a very comfortable lifestyle thanks to a very good transportation system, mild temperatures and a school system ranging from elementary to high school.

Particularly clement weather

Located slightly north of the Tropic of Cancer, Aventura benefits from a humid tropical climate: summers are short, hot, and humid while winters are balmy and dry.

Transportation in Aventura

Aventura’s urban planning being quite recent, the city is accessible to cars as well as to buses and trains that connect the neighborhood to the rest of the Greater Miami Area.

One of the most colossal malls in the country

The Aventura Mall is the fifth largest mall in the United States and is one of the reasons why investors and tourists are attracted to the neighborhood. While economically dynamic, Aventura remains an exclusive enclave, very much beloved by wealthy clients.

Our Aventura luxury homes for sale

Our real estate consultants browse Miami’s many neighborhoods relentlessly, motivated by the satisfaction that a great real estate project can bring. We strive day in and day out to find the most prestigious condos and houses for sale to offer to our clients.

Echo Aventura is an example of the type of building in which we can offer you a residence. Modern, elegantly designed, luxurious and ideally located, this building offers high-end amenities: wellness center, gym, yoga center, catering services and much more. The exceptional facilities will satisfy any type of investor.

Surrounded by air, water and skies, the Privé residences impress with their design and luxury and are part of the most admirable pieces of property in the area. Reserved to Aventura’s elite real estate investors, Privé residences are close to marinas, the Aventura Mall, luxury boutiques and the city’s most sophisticated restaurants.

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If you fell for Aventura’s charm and for the residences that we offer, our experts are available to answer your questions and provide you with more details. Contact us to let us take care of your real estate project.

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  • Viviendas En venta: 960
  • Precio: $230,000 - $16,500,000
  • $/SQ.FT medio (Preguntó): $473/SqFt
  • $/SQ.FT medio (Cerrado): $422/SqFt
  • Precio medio: $569,000
  • Días promedio en el mercado: 127 Days
  • Transacciones en los últimos 6 meses: 431
  • Transacciones en los últimos 12 meses: 772
En alquiler
  • Viviendas En alquiler: 627
  • Precio: $1,700 - $28,900
  • $/SQ.FT medio (Preguntó): $3/SqFt
  • $/SQ.FT medio (Cerrado): $3/SqFt
  • Precio medio: $3,600
  • Días promedio en el mercado: 94 Days
  • Transacciones en los últimos 6 meses: 551
  • Transacciones en los últimos 12 meses: 1151

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