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Artefacto and IMG ; The Best Designers and Furniture options in Miami

Wondering where to buy luxury furniture in Miami? Here are 2 of the best designers in Miami

By Lucie Vanlier 4 Nov 2022

IMG is a luxury designer based in New York, and has furnished the most exclusive penthouses and apartments in Manhattan.

Artefacto has a more modern style. They are based in Miami, and also furnish the best properties of the city. 

Both offer turnkey services and can have everything ready in your unit by the time you move in. 

Turnkey, Interior Design Services for Luxury Living.

Discuss your scope, needs, and how each room should function. The team will create a proposal specific to your space.  

Advantages of furnishing your home : 

If you are planning to sell your or rent  after closing, having your property fully finished with furniture will considerably help increase the value. Most of the buyers and renters are looking for turnkey units, and are willing to pay a premium for it. Furnished properties tend to sell much faster than unfurnished ones, and at a higher price.

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IMG is one of the largest luxury real estate design and marketing firm in the United States. In addition to providing interior design services to luxury home owners, they award-winning staging and Interior Marketing services enable the most coveted properties and developments in the world to sell faster and at greater multiples than the market’s average. 

Founded in 2007 by real estate agent turned designer, Cheryl Eisen, the unique concept of Interior Marketing was conceived from her distinct understanding of what drives buyer decision-making.

Eisen reinvented the singular focus of traditional staging by creating a unique hybrid of interior design, public relations, marketing and event planning. These essential sales tools create a powerful combination of visual differentiation, media exposure and industry buzz. The result? An unprecedented success rate that defies market trends.

Interior Marketing Group  offers Interior Design, and Turn-Key Stay offerings,providing the same expedited luxury interiors for long-term rentals and permanent living.


* A R T E F A C T O *

The word Artefacto is practically synonymous with high-end furnishings and home staging. More so, it decodes a lifestyle that is highly regarded amongst the biggest names in architecture and décor. Behind every accessory and piece of furniture is a carefully thought-out concept that aims to establish connections between the home and the owner.

Located in Iperó, the countryside state of São Paulo, Artefacto’s factory boasts a 750,000 square‑foot self‑sufficient production system (without third-party intervention). The plant is responsible for developing, crafting and maintaining the demanding quality standard that makes the company the industry leader.

Adopting exclusively raw materials certified by agencies such as Ibama, the manufacturing process involves various stages, from the frames of the furniture to the upholstery and finishes, integrating manual work and technology according to the design and function of each piece.

The unique feature of Artefacto furniture is achieved by the union of modern and traditional such as high-tech designs and custom-built pieces, hand-held tools and large manufacturing machinery.


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