Buying a luxury apartment in Miami

Whether you look at lifestyle or taxation, investing in an apartment in Miami offers many advantages. We offer the most exclusive condominiums available in the city. With the help of our experts, you will benefit from a full service. ( negotiation, contract, closing, legal structure set-up, banking, management of the property...) Acquire an apartment in Miami and dive into one of the most unique states in the US.

A Miami Apartment with Simply Exceptional Surroundings

If New-York and Los Angeles count among the most popular destinations in the US, they are no match to the lifestyle and comfort Miami has to offer. Unique coastal landscapes, a food scene inspired by Latin and Central America, and a diverse architecture are as many reasons to invest in an apartment in Miami!

Why invest in an apartment in Miami

Located in the Southeast of the US, Florida counts among the most populated states. With its ideal climate and geographical location, Florida is an appealing resort and a capital for leisure and entertainment where Americans and folks from all around the world abound. In terms of real estate, Miami has recorded the highest rate of in-bound moves in 2017. In addition to its natural surroundings, Miami has been developing at an entrepreneurial level. In fact, the appealing fiscal system of Florida, compared to that of New York or California, has attracted numerous investment funds and promoted the creation of many companies these past years. The job market is on the rise and the economic growth is steady. The city of Miami continues to grow and develop each year, while offering competitive prices compare to other states. 

Buy a Luxury Apartment in Miami

Whether you want to settle in Miami, to acquire a second residential property, or to invest in rental real estate, we will assist you throughout the entire process. ( Acquisition, Legal, Management, banking...) You will find that Miami can offer luxurious infrastructures designed by renowned architects as well as unique surroundings and services that will meet all of your needs.

Immigration Policy and Foreign Investors

For any question you may have about your out-migration and your taking up residence in Miami, we will put you in touch with the Berenbaum firm, our legal partner specialized in immigration law. As a matter of fact, before your departure you will need to become aware of specific information and to decide which visa is best suited to your situation. We encourage you to get in touch with our attorneys to know more.

Tax Benefits Granted to Expatriates for their Real Estate Investment in Miami

In the US, it is possible to invest in a residential or rental property without the need to provide a permit or an authorization from American Immigration Services. However, a real estate investment cannot be considered as a visa or a right to reside on the US territory.

There are numerous benefits available to expatriates looking to buy real estate in Miami. Indeed, a foreigner—whether a natural or legal person—can benefit from certain privileges in terms of taxation when investing in properties located in Florida. For instance, international investors are exempted from federal income tax, which represents significant savings, and can benefit from tax optimization and asset protection by setting up a legal structures with our team of lawyers.

For more information on tax exemption, feel free to contact us. We will put you in touch with our multilingual consultants who specialize in real estate in Miami.


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