Buying a Luxury Villa in Miami

Thanks to its unique surroundings, Miami attracts thousands of expatriates each year. The Miami real estate market continues to inspire. The villas are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, including home automation and designer furnishing. This Southeast state is ideally located at the crossroads of North America, Central America, and Latin America. Florida boasts rich cultural influences.

A Unique Selection of Luxury Villas in Miami

Inspired by European, colonial, and even neo-renaissance styles, the architecture of Miami will attract foreigners eager to discover a unique cultural richness in the US. Indeed, the prestigious villas in our catalog will be appealing to all profiles of investors wishing to acquire a luxury house or an ocean-facing villa.

We will be behind you at each step of the way while you acquire your villa. With the help of Harper Meyer, our legal partner, we will support you during the entire acquisition process—from our initial collaboration, during the property selection process, through the contract drafting, and until the closing—and will establish a long-term relationship of trust so you can safely capitalize on your investments. As our slogan puts it, “don’t dream your life, live your dreams!” We will be by your side so that your dreams can become reality. To accomplish that, we will implement exclusive services that will meet your needs.

Acquire a Villa in Miami with Select Partners

To help you acquire a luxury villa in Miami, Globalty Investment gives you the possibility to work with our vetted network of certified accountants and attorneys, with whom we have established a privileged partnership since the creation of our agency.

As soon as you acquire your property, you will have access to the expertise of one of our architect partners, and to the services of an interior designer who will be able to provide you with valuable advice to make your luxury home a reflection of who you are.

Your Villa in Miami through a Legal Structure Built for Rental Management

You just acquired a luxury villa in Miami and would like to rent it out while away? We then recommend you build a legal structure that allows you to benefit from fiscal advantages available to foreigners in Florida. This way, you will be exempted from the 30% tax on rental revenues, which usually applies to a natural person. By becoming a legal person and while transferring your property to your structure, this tax simply disappears.