Finding your Luxury villa for rent in Miami with Globalty Investment

Miami is a haven for many tourists and professionals temporarily away from home for business. We offer the most exclusive selection of luxury homes for rent in Miami and Miami Beach.

Luxury homes for rent in Miami

We offer many options for rental villas in Miami, which are all ideal for people looking for a temporary home and who want to maintain a certain level of comfort. We focus on the nicest neighborhoods of the city and know how to meet all profiles of renters and satisfy all types of demands.

Upsides of short-term or long-term rental

Customers who wish to avoid the sterile aspect of hotel life but do not care for the sometimes too personal aspect of a rental with a private owner can opt for a villa rental. It’s a great way to settle for a short or longer period of time and to enjoy idyllic surroundings and amenities restrictions.

Exceptional locations and luxury mansions

Renting a luxury house means being able to enjoy the best that Miami has to offer: sunshine. A waterfront villa or home with a patio, swimming pool or hot tub, will allow you to enjoy outdoor living space in an ideal climate. But if you would rather stay in a condo, we also offer a range of luxury condos for rent as well as luxury long-term rentals.

Prestigious neighborhoods

Coconut Grove, Venetian Islands or Mid-Beach, to name a few…Our luxury villas for rent in Miami are all strategically located in prime locations and seaside resorts so that you can enjoy the best Florida can offer.

Exclusive homes for rent

The gems unearthed by our luxury real estate experts feature all the comforts you desire so that your stay in Miami is simpler, cozier and more enjoyable. A boat, bicycle, ping-pong table, child care or spa treatments: it is all fair game and can be part of the list of services that can be included in your villa rental in Miami.


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