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Establishing a Nevis Offshore Corporation for Your Miami Real Estate Investment

Nevis is a small Caribbean island that offers a world-class infrastructure for corporate offshore services. Part of the British Commonwealth, Nevis has a stable political environment and has become one of the most convenient and most favored offshore company locations in the world.

By Maryline Lacorre 26 Mar 2021

Why use a Nevis International Business Company (IBC)?

A Nevis IBC is a popular entity that offers simple offshore regulations. Nevis is a stable, English-speaking jurisdiction with some of the most secure IBC laws in the world, ensuring top confidentiality and privacy with low financial risk. Nevis IBCs are tax exempt for all income earned from anywhere in the world (except in Nevis) and there is no obligation to keep accounting and auditing records. A Nevis offshore company is also ideal for your real estate investments Miami thanks to its proximity to Florida and its shared time zone. 

Advantages of a Nevis offshore corporation

- Taxes: There is no taxation from income generated outside of Nevis. This applies to estate, corporation, inheritance, capital gains, etc. No income from your real estate investment in Miami will be taxable.

- Required capital: A Nevis IBC has no minimum capital requirement.

- Privacy: Nevis maintains the privacy and the confidentiality of those involved in an IBC. Indeed, no names of managers, directors, or shareholders are needed for the Nevis Registrar of Companies. Besides, only one shareholder and one director are required to form a Nevis corporation. One unique name must be selected for the corporation.

- Fast registration: An IBC can be registered in 1 to 2 business days plus 4 to 6 additional days for the government to complete the registration.

- Physical presence: Every corporation must have a local office address to be able to receive official notices. A pre-approved registered agent by the Nevis government can help you with that. However, no physical presence is required.

- Public Records and Audit: An Articles of Organization must be filed with the Nevis Registrar of Companies. No names are included in the articles, only the address and the name of the registered agent. Moreover, there is no obligation to keep accounting and auditing records.

There are other advantages offered by a Nevis offshore corporation—for example, the opportunity to obtain citizenship after 6 months. But if you are going to invest in Miami real estate, opening a Nevis IBC will allow you to avoid estate tax and maintain your privacy.

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