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Three Reasons to buy or sell a Home during the Holidays

You may soon notice that your neighbors are taking down "For Sale" signs and putting up Christmas lights instead. Christmas is typically a time when buyers and sellers take a break and regroup for the new year. But there are several reasons why staying active during this seasonal slowdown can be to your advantage.

By Lucie Vanlier 17 Nov 2022

1. Less competition.
Holiday time is a busy time for everyone. Luckily for homebuyers, this means that the competition slows down. While most people are enjoying holiday festivities, serious buyers can explore the market without a lot of others doing the same.

2. Lower interest rates.
While many homebuyers are expected to take a break during the vacations and pick up again in the spring, strategic buyers - like you - know that now is the perfect time to take advantage of record low interest rates before they start to rise. Buying now instead of waiting could save you nearly $1,500 a year.* Note that December is considered the optimal month to buy a home at a good price.

3. Potential for negotiation.
Being a seller’s market, negotiations have gone by the wayside. Couple that with low inventory, and sellers have had the upper hand. Around the holidays, this imbalance is expected to level out. Fewer active buyers means fewer feeding frenzies on available listings, and sellers may be more willing to negotiate price, contract terms, and closing date.

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