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Top 5 reasons people are moving to Miami

Recently, Miami has been seeing a big influx of new residents coming from different states. here are the 5 reasons why. 

By Lucie Vanlier 31 Oct 2022

Recently, Miami has been seeing a big influx of new residents coming from different states. here are the 5 reasons why. 

1) Miami Has Something For Everyone

No other city in the United States compares to Miami when it comes to diversity. Whether you are a young professional, a retiree, or a family, Miami has a place for everyone. Throughout the city and surrounding areas, you will find people of every religion and background imaginable especially from Latin America, making it one of the largest melting pots in the country.

2) Florida has no state Income tax 

Miami residents still enjoy a life free of state and local income taxes. The working wealthy, who can move anywhere, are choosing Miami now more than ever. You will still have to pay federal income tax, but you will have one less tax to worry about!

Miami's sales tax is only 7%. That's less than in many other parts of the country. So you should definitely take this into account if you are considering moving to Miami.

Although Miami is often considered an expensive city, it makes up for it by not having to pay state taxes.

3) The Real Estate Options 

Miami has a lot of amazing real estate opportunities at attractive prices. In recent years, Miami has seen an influx of extremely luxurious developments. Furthermore, it is also home to many gated communities, waterfront homes, and accessible condos. In most cases, Miami homes offer generous space, beautiful views, and in a lot of cases, great amenities.

4) Job opportunities

Florida has one of the nation’s largest GDPs. In fact, the state’s GDP equals roughly that of the entire country of Mexico. Not surprisingly, it takes a lot of employees to run an economy of that magnitude, and jobs are plentiful. Top industries include cleantech, financial services, aviation, information technology, manufacturing, and distribution as well as tourism. 

5) Unique weather

If you’re a summer person, Miami will be great for you. The city offers hot, humid summers (with lots of beaches and sunshine!) and short, mild winters.

It registers an average low of just 59 degrees (16 Celsius) and an average high of still a comfortable 80 degrees (27 Celsius).

The city’s weather is definitely one of the main reasons a lot of people decide to move to Miami. 

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