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Globalty Investment is an exclusive boutique and full service real estate firm in Miami. We help you with all your real estate and legal service needs. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or rent a property, we will follow you along the entire investment process, with a personalized and exclusive service level. 

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Globalty Investment ?

Understanding that buying a property requires a particular level of sophistication. Thomas Pichet created Globalty Investment to provide his clients with the highest level of services in real estate in Miami.

While giving our clients access to the most high end properties in South Florida (Villas, Condos, New Developments), we also follow you through all the legal work to make sure your investment is safe, protected, and fully optimized.

With our team of lawyers, accountants, and bankers, you will benefit from an exclusive and tailor-made service; wether you are a US resident or an international investor, we will determine which structure is best suited for you and your investment. Estate planning, asset protection, tax optimization... Every subject will be covered depending on your needs and personal situation.

Buying with Globalty Investment is a guarantee to access the most exclusive properties on and off market and benefit from the highest expertise in Miami real estate.

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Legal Structures 

Benefit from the best tax optimization, asset protection, privacy, and estate planning. There are numerous fiscal benefits available to foreign investors who buy real estate in Miami. As experienced luxury real estate experts, we make sure that our clients benefit from this specific asset, so they can invest in the best way possible, with the help of tailor-made services.

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