Bay Harbor Islands

Bay Harbor Islands


Consisting of two islands, Bay Harbor is a municipality of the city of Miami. Calm, luxury and serenity rule the islands where fine dining restaurants, luxury stores, and docking facilities captivate owners.

The Broad Causeway runs through the city which is located separated from the mainland and located between Biscayne Bay on the east side, and Bal Harbor and Surfside on the west side. South of the island, the village of Indian Creek provides an appealing and desirable green space.

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History of Bay Harbor Islands

The municipality of “BHI” was created in 1947 by lawyer Shepherd Broad who was intrigued by the 625 or so acres of mangrove and mud that emerged from Biscayne Bay. A visionary, he was at the origin of the construction of residential developments, detached houses, golf courses, and countless shops. The city of Bay Harbor was divided into two distinct islands: Bay Harbor’s West Island was dedicated to single-family homes while East Island was dedicated to rental apartments and luxury villas.

Bay Harbor’s East Island

While Bay Harbor’s East Island originally only featured condos and luxury villas, it now offers a comfortable lifestyle, geared towards young families, with public schools, a business district, and properties suited for large families.

Residents of East Island enjoy, among other things, its architecture, which is either Miami Modern style, dating from the 40s and 50s or Contemporary. Real estate development brought luxury properties with upscale amenities such as rooftop pools from which residents can delight in exceptional panoramas.

Bay Harbor’s West Island

Bay Harbor’s West Island entirely consists of single-family houses. Contrarily to its eastern twin, West Island has not experienced any significant change since it was created. However, villas get more and more luxurious as some of the wealthier owners of Miami move to the island.

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Neighborhood Data

For sale
  • Number of properties For sale: 132
  • Price range: $320,000 - $17,900,000
  • Average $/SQ.FT (Asking Price): $944/SqFt
  • Average $/SQ.FT (Closed): $615/SqFt
  • Median Price: $1,179,500
  • Average Days on the Market: 140 Days
  • Transactions over the last 6 months: 57
  • Transactions over the last 12 months: 102
For rent
  • Number of properties For rent: 87
  • Price range: $1,600 - $40,000
  • Average $/SQ.FT (Asking Price): $4/SqFt
  • Average $/SQ.FT (Closed): $3/SqFt
  • Median Price: $4,650
  • Average Days on the Market: 89 Days
  • Transactions over the last 6 months: 86
  • Transactions over the last 12 months: 194


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