Palm & Hibiscus Islands

Palm & Hibiscus Islands


Hibiscus Island and Palm Island are two man-made islands that are part of the South Beach neighborhood and are located on Biscayne Bay.

Only accessible via Palm Island, Hibiscus Island is watched by security guards, ensuring maximum safety and a lifestyle that its residents very much appreciate. Hibiscus Island mingles different architectural styles and features villas right on the waterfront as well as estates that are further inland. Within equal distance from South Beach and Miami, Hibiscus Island residents are only ten minutes away from Miami’s malls and South Beach’s leisure options.

Discovering Hibiscus Island

Located on the border of the Venetian Islands on one side and of the MacArthur Causeway on the other side, Hibiscus Island is characterized by its upscale real estate. The island became well-known thanks to notorious New Yorker club, Latin Quarter, during the 40s and the 50s as well to contemporaneous stars such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

In the 30s, the twin islands became the winter residence of the famous, as well as infamous – like Al Capone, who was fascinated by the vistas of downtown and Miami Beach. The enthusiasm for these islands never declined and they keep being graced with new and extraordinary architecture.

About Palm Island

Internationally renowned Palm Island was also man-made. The island owes its reputation to its luxurious residences and features unique architectural styles such as Art Deco, Miami Modernism and Mediterranean. No houses are alike.

Surrounded by Biscayne Bay, Palm Island attracts vacationers with its many estates featuring impressive waterfronts. Seeing colossal yachts dock on the island is not a rare thing.

Besides nautical activities, Palm Island offers a convivial lifestyle that fits families with its restaurants, prestigious schools and cultural events that delight both adults and children. The island features a playground, a basketball court, a golf course, a tennis court, bike paths, and walking trails, all meant to satisfy the families who move there.

Like Hibiscus Island, the island is watched by security guards who ensure the neighborhood’s safety.

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