Edgewater luxury real estate, a promising environment

In the past decades, Miami has turned into a multicultural arena, steeped in diverse influences. A short stroll on Lincoln Road any time of the day or night is enough to get an accurate overview of all the different national origins, cultures, and traditions that make Miami such a unique place. With the city constantly evolving, the different neighborhoods are also going through changes. Edgewater is the perfect example of that evolution. Forgotten until recently, it has gone through a metamorphosis in the last few years and has conquered the hearts of investors looking for novelty and tranquility.

Edgewater, a local gem

Located between the heart of Miami’s financial district and the bay shore, Edgewater is still considered today as a real estate niche. Yet, it remains unknown to some locals. But the growing number of more and more luxurious properties for sale in Edgewater is a true sign of how promising the neighborhood is.

The appeal of an easy commute

Besides its ideal location in the center of Miami, minutes away from Downtown and from artsy Wynwood, Edgewater has a lot to offer. Located at the crossroads of all of Miami’s major links and essential spots.

A unique atmosphere

In many ways, Edgewater is a truly unique neighborhood in Miami. While part of Downtown Miami’s business district, Edgewater distinguishes itself by its mellow and convivial atmosphere. It is ideal for investors who want to be in the heart of it, and enjoy a comfortable environment.

Our Edgewater luxury homes for sale

We can offer you luxury condos for sale in Edgewater. Paraiso residences with its unobstructed views, Elysee Miami with its luxurious design, or Mission Baia, a new masterpiece of art and design. 

Our tailored services to help you invest in Edgewater real estate

With Globalty Investment you have access to the most exclusive properties available in this area, with our daily updated database. Our consultants who are experts in the market of luxury condos for sale in Edgewater will be happy to answer all your questions. 

While our Real estate team takes care of your project, our legal team can assist you setting up any kind of legal structure your may need for your real estate investment in Miami.


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